Welcome to ADHONEP (The International Association of Full Gospel Businessmen)


What is ADHONEP?

ADHONEP is an international Association of Christian businessmen and women, who seek to share the Good News of the Gospel with other entrepreneurs, executives, liberal professionals and civil and military leaders. In ADHONEP you find the opportunity to participate in unforgettable events and programs; sophisticated encounters in places of refinement. You will participate in dinners, teas, cocktails, meetings, breakfasts, and extraordinary venues. Everything is done in good taste with quality service for your family, a sought for environment among the most successful entrepreneurs, professionals and opinion makers. These are high profile events for first-class people. Your life will be enriched in every way.

Founded in 1952 by prominent business leader Demos Shakarian, an America’s most prominent independent dairy cattlemen of Armenian descent, ADHONEP was designed to enhance valuable relationships among businessmen, authorities and those who share experiences of success.

Our History

In Brazil the Association began effectively in 1982, under the dynamic leadership of ADHONEP’s International President, entrepreneur Custodio Rangel Pires. His great zeal and commitment have caused ADHONEP to become a major force in the country and throughout Latin America. His wife, Aracy Rangel Silva began the work of the Women’s Group as National Coordinator, while Rozane Rangel Cunha developed the Association’s publishing house, preparing the Voice and the Answer magazines, as well as the periodical Inform and the INFORM On-line, along with myriad other books and publications.

Today, there are more than 1,000 Chapters in Brazil, and dozens of Chapters in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, each with their own board of directors composed of businessmen, who host dinners, meetings, luncheons and breakfasts in the finest hotels, clubs and restaurants, which open their doors for the events of the Association. ADHONEP means "Class A", high-level programming for people of great style, always in a wholesome and fitting environment, with refinement and good taste, prepared for special people like you.

Leadership and Synergy

ADHONEP sponsors seminars for Advanced Leadership Training, where businessmen and professionals learn to develop their personal leadership capacity and motivate their teams to achieve better results. Programs are developed in order to reach out to others with the Good News of the Gospel.

ADHONEP has different strategies depending on the area of ​​action.

For example, the Women's Group comprised of wives of businessmen and women business leaders, hosts cocktails, teas and first class meetings. The Youth Group is composed of outstanding young entrepreneurs and professionals, promoting great receptions and events. ADHONEP also has a Ministry of Prisons, which works along with local authorities to help rehabilitate those who will soon be leaving the penal system to reintegrate into society.

Always with a strong focus on the family, the foundation for a strong and healthy society, ADHONEP’s men learn to be better husbands, our women become better wives and their children learn to live with dignity, within strong families where they feel secure.

Who can participate in ADHONEP?

Anyone who has confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life can join ADHONEP. All that is needed is to have a burning desire in the heart to reach lives of all ages. Every member is a partner in ADHONEP’s expansion, who forms an alliance with the Vision of the Association. The last recommendation of Jesus was to: "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15) The strategy that the Holy Spirit has given to ADHONEP is unique, objective and accurate. Thousands of lives are reached through this ministry. Therefore, let your heart burn with a fire for the lives that have not yet been reached!

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